Top 10 Tour Destinations Place In The World

Are you a travel favorite? So take a look at where is the right place for you to travel? Ten countries have recently been included in the new list of the famous travel magazine ‘Lonely Planet’. Where Sri Lanka is at the top of the list of one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Germany is in the next place.

Sri Lanka:

As always, the list of Lonely Planets is full of Asian countries. Sri Lanka tops the list. In this tropical country, there are various Buddhist or Hindu temples with extraordinary natural beauty. Apart from this, various festivals continue throughout the year, which attracts tourists from all over the world.


One of the most important countries in Europe, it is already world-famous for tourism. Germany, which topped the Lonely Planet list, has numerous historical sites and museums. Not only that, but festivals like ‘Octoberfest’ in this country also attract tourists from all over the world.


Zimbabwe is the only country in Africa on the list. The third-ranked country is one of the safest destinations in Africa. Wildlife conservation parks, archeological ruins and the Victoria Falls – all combine to make Zimbabwe very attractive.


This small country in Central America, rich in biodiversity, has remarkable tropical forests, beautiful white sand beaches, and rich indigenous culture. That is why Panama is in fourth place on this list.


The Central Asian country has been a major tourist destination since the World Nomad Games, known as the Indigenous Olympics. Kyrgyzstan has already become a tourist destination of choice due to its easy and fast visa process.


Sometimes traveling through arid canyons, sometimes through dense green forests, and then floating in the waters of the Dead Sea at the last moment – this wonderful country is in the sixth place in the list of lonely planets


This is a country in Asia consisting of more than seventeen thousand islands. Although devastated by an earthquake a few days ago, the country is incomparable in natural beauty. It is also very popular with tourists as citizens of 189 countries have access to visa-free travel.


You can travel to this European country, which has become increasingly important in the field of art, without a visa for up to 30 days. The 2019 European Games are also going to be held in this country.

Saotome and Princip:

Apart from the famous countries, the list of Lonely Planets includes all the places that many people did not know much about till now. The country, just two islands in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, has sugar, cocoa and coffee fields with stunning sea views, making them a favorite of exceptional tourists.


The small country of Belize is in the tenth place on the list, even though it is difficult to find it on the map. Along with the second coral reef in the world, Belize has outstanding caves. Although relatively neglected, this Central American country is extremely safe for tourism.

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