Top 10 resorts Information around in Dhaka

This garment or winter can give us some small vacations in the vicinity of Dhaka. And our daughter’s reproduction has come to spend this holiday and our effort to spend the holiday is a beautiful tidy resort. Today, for our readers, we have come up with the information of 21 nearby resorts. Today we are coming to the first time informed students of eleven resorts who have ever had an accident for themselves and for you.

1. Rajendra Eco Resort:

Come to Sota through the right lane on the opposite side of Bangabandhu Safari Park. Suddenly you will see a green forest in front. Take the road to Bhabanipur Bazar and go a little further. Dense Shalban can be seen on both sides of the road. As far as the eye can see only trees and shrubs. The fisherman is sitting on a tree by the pond hoping to catch a bird. Chest walks along the edge of the pond. You will be amazed to see all kinds of Bangladeshi birds. In addition to the distant Shalban on both sides of the road, there are palm and banyan trees. There are also some tribal houses along the road. Phone: 56060640,01919317009.

  • Bhawal Resort & Spa
  • Sarah Resort Gazipur
  • Chuti Resort Gazipur
  • Green View Resort & Convention Center Ltd
  • Pubail Resort Club
  • Mawa Resort
  • Dhaka Resort
  • Chuti Resort
  • Nokkhottrobari Resort and Conference Centre
  • Sarah Resort

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