Tarua Sea Beach Tour Information, Location, Map, etc

Burning a lot of wood and finally waking up in the southernmost part of Bangladesh in the lap of the Bay of Bengal, which is called Virgin Sea Beach in English. This smooth beach is a wonderful creation of nature. Do not put your feet on the ground while walking. This hard sand beach is four to five kilometers long. It takes about an hour to walk from one end to the other.

The beauty of Tarua Sea Beach :

At the top of the beach, there are several thorny trees. A vast field of grass between the Keora forest and the beach. There is a ceremony of purple flowers in the drum bushes. Herds of cows and buffaloes in the field. The fresh air floating from the distant sea is as beautiful as the beach at Cox’s Bazar. Another feature of this beach is the view of sunrise and sunset from here like Kuakata. Red crabs can be seen here. When they do not get safe shelter, they sit on their feet. They lean on sharp nails. And two horns are raised while walking. The visitors enjoyed the crab race with eight legs on the glistening white sand.

Location and Map of Tarua Sea Beach:

The beach is located at the southern end of Damar Char, adjacent to Nijhum Island in Hatia Upazila of Noakhali.


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