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Tanguar Haor is the second largest freshwater wetland in the country, covering an area of about 100 sq km in the Sunamganj district. The dense water, the water forest, the blue sky, the hills and the lush green haor make this haor Nice. The total area of Tanguar is 6912 acres. However, during the monsoon season, the area of this Tanguar Haor increases to 20,000 acres. Tanguar Had 140 Various fish, 12 species of frogs and more than 150 species of reptiles. Tanguar Had 250 species of guest birds roam in this Tanguar haor in winter. Meghalaya in India can be seen from Tanguar. There 30 Small and big springs or rhymes from Meghalaya Hade that come to Tanguar Haor. There is a watchtower in this haor, the floor of the Haor can be seen from above as the water around it is very fresh.

When to Tour Tanguar Haor and see more:

The best time to visit Tanguar Haor is during the rainy season. At other times of the year, it has very little water. But if you want to see birds, you have to go in the winter. While visiting Tanguar Haor, you can see more small swamp forests, Shaheed Siraj Lake (Niladri Lake), Barik Tila, Jadukata River, Lauder Garh, beautiful sunrise and sunset.

How to get to Tanguar Haor:

Dhaka to Sunamganj:

Mamun and Shyamoli Paribahan buses are available from Dhaka’s Sayedabad bus stand. All these buses leave for Sunamganj. Again ENA Paribahan buses leave from Mohakhali. Tickets for these buses at N-AC cost Rs 550 per person.

From Sunamganj to Tangua:

After getting off at Sunamganj, you have to go to Tahirpur by Laguna / CNG / bike near the big bridge built on the Surma River. From the boat wharf at Tahirpur, rent a boat according to your size and ability and get out of Tanguar Haor. But in winter the water decreases. So you have to add Laguna / CNG / bike to Solemanpur. You can rent a boat from there. And in winter you will see guest birds.

Where to stay:

There are no good facilities for staying in Tanguar Haor. But if you want to spend the night on the boat, try to stay on the boat near the shore for safety. If you want to rent a house, you can rent a room at a low price in a wooden house called Haor Bilash in the Tekerghat area. But if you don’t stay in Tanguar Haor for a night, you will miss it a lot. So one night you will try to stay on the boat.

Meals in Tanguar Haor:

There are about 20 to 25 species of fish in the haor. You can have a meal with your favorite fish here. And if you plan to stay overnight in Tangua and want to cook and eat by yourself, you can buy a few days before boarding the boat from Tahirpur. And there are many small markets in the middle of the haor to buy fresh fish. You can also take with you local ducks, all the fun foods.

Tangua Tour warnings and some tips:

  • Be sure to take a life jacket with you when traveling to Haor.
  • Make a GD for your safety at Tahirpur police station before leaving for Haor.
  • Do Damadami for anything.
  • The cost will be less if grouped together. It is better to have a group of 5-6 people or 8-11 people.
  • In case of lightning in Haor, stay under the hull of the boat.
  • Avoid throwing excess food/leftovers, packets etc. in haor water.
  • Avoid loud noises or microphones.
  • Do not generate extra bright light at night.
  • Refrain from catching tanguar fish, wildlife, or birds or endangering their lives.
  • Be careful not to damage any aspect of the Tanguar wetland.

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