Tangail Tour Information

Tangail district, about 100 km from Dhaka, is the largest district in Dhaka Capital in volume. Jamalpur district Located Mymensingh and Ghazipur districts in the east, and Sirajganj districts in the west. Our Tangail travel guide is a detailed description of all the sightseeing and historical structures in the Tangail district.

Mohera Zamindar House:

The Maheda Zamindar house covers eight acres about 18 km from Tangail Sadar. The Mohera zamindar house stands with its head held high as an invaluable sign of ancient civilization and tradition. The zamindar house is accompanied by small parks, zoos, picnic spots, and boat rides. Being very close to the capital Dhaka, one can visit the zamindar’s house in a day when he leaves in the morning. At the entrance of this zamindar house are two huge picturesque gates. The huge three main buildings are accompanied by Naib Saheb’s house, Kasari Ghar, Gomsta’s house, Dighi, and three other lodges. There is a dighi called Vishakha Sagar before the entrance. There are two other ponds called Pasra Pond and Rani Pukur at the back of the main building.

Ticket Price:

The entry fee of Rs 80 has to be paid to enter the Mohera zamindar house. If there is a car, its parking fee is Tk. 50. The ticket to enter the children’s park is Tk. 20. If you want to swim in a swimming pool, you have to pay Tk. 300. Bargain on boat rides as the cost of riding rides goes up a lot during holidays.

How to go:

Travler go to the Natiapara bus stande in Tangail district to see the Maheda Zamindar house. Mohera zamindar house distance from Dhaka is about Seventy km. The Bust takes 2 to 2.5 hours to get on the bus. But there are often jams on this Dhaka Tangail Road so it is better to calculate the time like that.

Buses like Baran, Jhatika, Dhaleshwari etc. from Mahakhali bus terminal in Dhaka travel to Tangail. All these buses cost Rs 120 to Rs 160. You have to board a bus you like and come to the Natiapara bus store. You have to get off the bus in Natiapara and come to the Maherapara police training centre through CNG, rickshaw or baby techies. The Mahera Zamindar house is currently being used as a police training centre.

If Nirala rides a bus from Mahakhali at a fare of Rs 160, it will be beneficial for you to get down to the Dubail Police Training Centre. From Dubail to CNG, the Mohera zamindar charges a rent of Rs 15 per person to go home, and if he wants to take reserve, he will get a fare of Rs 75.

You also have to come to Tangail anyway to come from somewhere else in the country. Tangail Natiapara can come and travel home to The Maheda Zamindar in the above-mentioned manner. In addition, if you want to go by train, you can check which train from Dhaka to North Bengal gives a stop at Mahera station. And when you come from North Bengal, you will know which train gives a stop at Mahera station or Tangail station. Then you can also go by those trains if you want.

Food Facilities:

There is a low-cost canteen at the Mahera police training centre. If you order here first, you can also eat food according to your favourite menu.

Travel Tips:

Bangladesh police training academy is functioning in the Mahera zamindar house so See have to enter the house with permission.

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