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At the same time, if you want to see the mountains, lakes, forests, and sea, you can visit Chittagong. You can see a lot in Chittagong city and its adjoining places, especially in Mirsarai, Sitakunda and Fatikchhari. The whole Chittagong region is worth seeing.

During the monsoon season, Chittagong became the center of attraction for everyone. Nature became green-fresh. In a day or so, you will be able to visit Bayazid Bostami’s Shrine, War Cemetery, Batali Hill, Laldighi Mosque, Fay’s Lake and other places of interest in Chittagong city. The shrine, named after Sufi saint Bayazid Bostami, can be seen in the Nasirabad area of ​​the city. In the pond of this shrine, you will see quite an old tortoise. After visiting the shrine, you can tie a vow to the tree inside the shrine and go to different destinations.

Commonwealth War Cemetery, known as Chittagong Cemetery, can be seen in Damara of the city. Here you can pay homage to the martyrs of the Second World War. Apart from that, there is much more to see around Chittagong city. Patenga beach in Chittagong has got a new look. You can go to see Anwar Parky beach. The city’s Fay’s Lake is also a great place for this time. You can take a boat ride here. You can enjoy various rides of Water Theme Park Sea World.

You can go beyond the city to Sitakunda, Mirsarai, or Fatikchhari. You will find the shrine of Maizbhandari devotees in Maizbhandari of Fatikchhari. Maizbhandari says that folk music is popular in Bangladesh, its origin is from this Maizbhandari. There is Hazari Khil Sanctuary in Fatikchhari, where you can go for a walk and spend the night in a tent.

Many fountains including Khayachara, Napittachara, Kamaldaha, Sahasradhara will be seen in the Bariadhala National Park in Mirsarai-Sitakunda. There will be water in the springs during the rainy season. You will be mesmerized by the crystal clear waters between the green forest and the mountains. These fountains are very easy to see as they are very close to the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. The springs have water when it rains for a few days, so it is nice to visit these places during hot weather.
If you want to trek for a short time, you can go to the top of Chandranath hill. There you can walk from Sitakunda Ecopark. There is a Shiva temple on the top of Chandranath hill. You can also go on the neat trail. Along this trail, you can trek to Panthishila-Sitakunda-Chittagong. There are several fountains along the way. However, it is better not to go alone for trekking. If you go, you will go with the team.
Because these places are quite far from the locality and secluded. In Sitakunda you will find Guakhali Beach, also known as Muradpur Beach. In the Sitakunda area, you will find a small warm spring called Kumarikunda. Here you will find Suptadhara and Sahasradhara fountains. Basically, Sitakunda is an ancient region. Here you will find mountains, forests, waterfalls, beaches everything.

Mirsarai also has mountains, forests, waterfalls and beaches. However, here you will find Bawachhara Lake. It is located at the mouth of Barmasichhara in Wahedpur village. Apart from this, you will find Mahamaya Lake here. It is the second-largest artificial lake in Bangladesh. Here you can go kayaking or take a boat ride.
You will find Chalanda pass inside the Chittagong University area. This is a fairly unfamiliar pass. Trekking can also be done here. All in all, Chittagong can be an interesting destination for a short time.

Remember, it’s not just about going around; In places where you have to pay for entry, pay first, then enter. Some places may not require an entrance fee. But the permission of the authorities has to be taken. Get permission from the appropriate authorities in those places. Do not throw away your used items including plastic in the natural environment. This causes damage to the environment. Do not go around doing any work that harms the environment.

How to go:

Chittagong is connected with the rest of the country by road, air and rail. There are More hotels in Chittagong to stay. There are luxury hotels around the GEC junction in the city, and you will find budget hotels on Station Road.

Places of interest in Chittagong:

Bayazid Bostami’s Shrine, War Cemetery, Batali Hill, Laldighi Mosque, Bhatiari Lake, Fay’s Lake, Parki Beach, Patenga Beach, Saheb Bibi Mosque of Raozan, Zamindarbari of Nandir Hat, Jharjhari Trail, Lakeview Samkiram, Kaptai’s Lake View Khejurtala Beach, Kumarikund, Mirsarai’s Bawachhara Lake, Sonaichhari Trail, University area Chalanda Pass, Bansbaria Beach, Hazari Khil Sanctuary, Sandwip, Kalurghat Mini Bangladesh, Chagalkanda Jharna, Kamaldaha Jharna, Chandranath Pahar, Suptadhara Jharna, Sahasradhara Jharna, Sitakunda Ecopark, Sitakunda Ecopark, Protected Forests, Mahamuni Buddhist Monastery, Lohagara Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

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