Bali Tour Guide | Location, Map, etc

Bali is an island region and province in Indonesia. The 33rd province of Indonesia, just 2 kilometers from the city of Java. Bali is also called ‘The Last Paradise on Earth’. Every place on this sand island is a land of unparalleled beauty.

Suitable Time to Tour to Bali:

The sandy weather is Nice throughout the year. April to September is the Best time to Travel the island. However, travel to Bali within April and May or October to February can  avoid rain and tourist multitudes.

Places of interest in Bali:

Bali Island is a very popular place for a “honeymoon” even though there is a lot of visitor flocking to Bali. The island has all the arrangements for newlyweds or lovers to spend their Vacation Time.

The location of Bali, Indonesia:

Bali Bali is a province of Indonesia located in the western part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Bali is the most populous island in the world and is home to 141 million people. The closest neighbor to the east of Bali is Lombok Island, home to the Rinjani Hills. The location of Bali is about 1,631 miles north of Perth in Western Australia. Bali is being located About 716 miles east of the Indonesian capital Jakarta. The small islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are located southeast between Bali and Lombok.

The Map of Bali, Indonesia:

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